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  3. Friday, 03 February 2023
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Russia, Ukraine: German, US and UK tanks. How to turn the tide of war in Ukraine?

The US M1 Abrams is faster than most Russian-made tanks.

Was this the week when Ukraine came back to thexo สล็อตforefront in a war situation? This is a decisive moment. After many Western nations confirmed that will deliver its own modern main battle tanks to Ukraine

Germany says The United Kingdom said it would send a Leopard 2 tank and the United States said it would send an M1 Abrams tank. It will send tanks to Ukraine and hopes other nations will follow suit, with some critics calling the move potentially a "game-changer".

But is this really enough to win this war?

Ben Barrie, Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies The International Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS) told the BBC: Western tanks will make a difference. But the former British Army brigadier general also warned that promises to deliver tanks so far are unlikely to be decisive.

in modern warfare Tanks are an essential component of any forward-looking operation. to push back enemy lines and reclaim territory

Effective use of tanks gives them unprecedented mobility, fire, protection and attack capabilities. having a large number of tanks deployed at the same time Might help break the enemy's defenses.
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