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  3. Sunday, 05 February 2023
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Reuters Report from Doha, Qatar on February 5 that theSLOTXOMinistry of Health of Qatar said in a statement on Thursday Products made from insects do not meet the requirements of the Halal Food Technical Regulations.

Moreover The ministry added that Regulations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the religious opinions of the competent authorities. The consumption of insects or insect proteins and supplements is also prohibited.

The announcement came after "certain countries" approved the use of insects in food products. which even without specifying those countries but last month The European Commission (EC) has approved chicken dung beetle larvae. and products containing white crickets for cooking

The EU currently recognizes four types of insects as 'new foods', and all products containing insects must be clearly labeled.

Although many scholars say Islamic law does not have a clear definition. Can I eat insects? In addition, most people also stated that Grasshoppers are halal food. and can be eaten because it is mentioned in the Quran But many Islamic legal scholars reject other insects because they are considered "unclean".
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